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Search and browsing

Content can be found on your website by searching or browsing.

Search: when you look for a file by file name, keyword or phrase
Browse: when you look through galleries of media on different topics

To view files on your site you can initially only search for them. However as you begin to create galleries, browsing becomes a useful option for those who don’t know what is available on your website. To create galleries go to the galleries tutorial.

Searching the database of files on your MEMAT site:

By file name: When searching for one of your files by file name you need to append the file type. eg ITEM200011.pdf or RBH0001_025.jpg


By keyword: If you have added metadata to your files – captions, keywords…etc, then you can search by those words or phrases to bring them up. For example the word “rugby” brings up results on the Rondebosch Digital Archives site.


To narrow down your results you can use the 2 tick boxes under the search box to either “search in results” or search by an “exact phrase”.


Search results appear by tab, depending on which media types you have enabled on your site, giving the number of results for each media type.  Click on the tab to see the results for each media type: Photographs, Manuscripts, Footage and Sound.



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